“Do It Pro Bono”

I am currently working as a volunteer consultant with the Taproot Foundation to provide a new name and visual identity for Episcopal Senior Ministries (ESM) in Washington, DC.

The Taproot Foundation is a pretty cool idea. It operates in seven major cities and provides millions of dollars worth of pro bono marketing, HR, IT, and strategy management consulting services to nonprofit clients. Clients are selected via a competitive grant application process in which their specific needs are identified. The Foundation then screens, assembles, and helps manage teams of volunteers with the skills to address those needs.

ESM, which was recently selected to receive assistance from the Taproot Foundation, provides quality, affordable services to seniors, regardless of religious affiliation. ESM goals are to maintain the health, safety, independence and dignity of all seniors, with an emphasis on serving those who are homeless or low-income.

I am part of a multifaceted team of brand strategists and marketing professionals.